Mission Briefing Aurora – Mars Pyramids – 8th -15th December 2012 – by Multidimensional Ocean

 Hi guys

Laura dream share for 8h December

We are back!!

I made the return trip on Aurora last night as far as Mars!

I actually had amazing experiences last night. I went back to my home planets (again!! Lol). I was briefed on some of my life on my home planet, then we were onboard, travelling for a short period of time (as usual).

We jumped to Mars, where I was shown some of my life on that amazing planet.

I was shown many many pyramids on Mars. They are taller and have a sharper angle that the ones on Earth.

During my being shown part of my past lives on Mars, I was shown the pyramids there over and over again, lots and lots of them, spread throughout the entire planet. I was shown many of my lives there, on different locations, working with the pyramid technology. Most of them were covered in vegetation partly. Green plants were covering them in an ascending spiral form, leaving large areas uncovered, with the gold shining.

These pyramids were covered in gold like material, some were shinning and gathering solar energy I believe. Other pyramids had a different role.

I was also told that life as we know it now on Earth is illusion, reality has nothing in common with what our governments would have us think and believe.

I was told that in the very near time ahead, we will all know the truth, the reality of extraterrestrial life; we will recall our past lives, including our own lives on other planets with other civilisations.

I was also reminded of a book I have read some 15 years ago, which is called: “Life is real only then when I am” and was told that this is the time that is ahead of us now. I was told that I/we will have full knowledge of what this title means, and what reality is. We will experience our being present in the Now moment, and we will know all that is to know.

Mission Brieffing

During the coming week, we will all take a journey back in time and study our own lives history and experiences on other planets mainly and on ancient civilisations.

There is a strong need to connect with this part of ourselves which was dormant for such a very long time. We need to know who we are, and why we are here at this stage.

The awakening process for the crew and guests will be emphasised from now on, so that we can truly awaken to the purpose of incarnations into the material world.

Experiences such as these, between being physically awake and the dream world will need to be given more and more importance to I am told by Aurora and Adrial.

On the practical side, we will also work with our brothers from Inner Mars. Some of our friends and family are still living there, under the surface. Some of our kind stayed on Mars, when we have decided to colonize Earth and participated in making it fully suitable for human life. This was a consequence of Mars surface and atmosphere degrading. This process had not happened rapidly, but over a period nearing a thousand years.

So we had time to terraform Earth fully, and make it suitable for human and animal life.

Others among us preferred to remain on Mars and build underground, waiting for us to return from Earth at some point into the distant future.

So we will reunite during dreamflights with our Inner Mars family. We will work with them on reactivating the damaged or dormant pyramids there.

It is planned that Mars should resume being a host for life, shortly enough after Ascension. To that end, our crew will work on making it habitable again on its surface, starting from the higher dimensions. So some of us will work on terraforming Mars again.

The pyramids there also work in conjunction with the pyramids on Earth. It is no coincidence that more and more, larger and larger pyramids are found on Earth.

Others among our crew will do a similar work of reactivating the Earth pyramids and restoring them into their full functionality mode. The new crew members that came from very far are specialist in this type of reconstruction work, starting from the higher dimensions always. Once the higher dimensions are in pristine shape and function, then these energies would materialize in our reality.

In fact others among us will team up with other ships’ crew and do similar work on other planets of our solar system: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Mercury, Venus. This work will be with non human beings, who have no problem existing and working in those planets atmospheres on the surface and on the inside of them. Those of us wishing to do that will be given full briefing onboard Aurora by the team they would be working on from the other ships.

All pyramids, no matter the planet, are built with a main specific aim. All have and emit a unique specific energy. All have their own imprint. In addition to their main function, they can all be attuned to work in team with other pyramids. Many of them can open door ways, portals, gates into various and high dimensions and also receive energies from these dimensions, which will be infused above the planet them selves.

In ancient times, pyramids were revered and loved. They were bringing protection to the areas they protected and their habitants. They were a source of love, joy and prosperity. They had many different uses, which the priests could control. They were similar to our churches, temples, fortresses. They were also sources of the white and pure light of the universe and were also used for healing, energy, ionisations and fertilisation of land, climate regulators. Some cultures even use them as cinema screans!! (-_-) .

As such, they could also control life and death, bring souls into incarnations, and help souls leave their incarnated planets. In addition to these functions, they have many, many other functions, which I could not even start to explain here.

Have a super dreamflights ladies and gents! Please also post your dream share experiences for the week of 8th Dec to 15th Dec below.

Laura and New Aurora crew

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Mission Briefing Aurora – Mars Pyramids – 8th -15th December 2012 « Aurora dreamflights 2.0.

About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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4 Responses to Mission Briefing Aurora – Mars Pyramids – 8th -15th December 2012 – by Multidimensional Ocean

  1. Coy Patterson says:

    Lora you can find out what star race your linage is from by muscle testing it. Simply write on a piece of paper the statement I am Sirian or I am Venusian and muscle test it. Most have lineages from at least two of the star races, some more. If you are that particular race you will go strong, if not you will go weak. To muscle test if you are not familiar with this, hold your strongest arm out to your side and while being strong as possible let some one push down on it at the wrist. Test your strength then put the question or statement in your free hand and test again. If your test stronger then the statement is true, if weaker it is false. You can use this method to get the answer to any question as long as it can be answered with a yes or no answer. You are literally asking Source for the answer and source will never lie to you. I have been testing this for a long time. It works every time. Because the future is not set, questions about the future which are true at the time of asking can change because some event changed changing the future. Most true clairvoyants won’t answer questions about someone’s future because they have figured this out. You can use muscle testing to test the energy in any object, word or statement. When you put the word love in someones hand they will go strong. The word fear they will go weak. Negative words, thoughts and objects have low frequencies or low energy which drag the frequency of the body down in to a lower balance making the body weaker and susceptible to disease. You can help yourself to be more ready for the coming raising of the human and Earth consciousness by writing the word love on everything you put into and on you body. Drink water from containers that you have put the word love on beforehand. When you write the word love on your electric box at your home you will energize every appliance in your home to emit the frequency of love. I will tell you that you have also energized the entire electric grid of your neighborhood to do the same thing.
    You can test this by microwaving a cracker and muscle testing it, then write love inside you electric box, remicrowave the cracker and remuscle test it. Since Source is nothing but unconditional Love this will give everyone a leg up on getting ready to become Love. By the way if you draw a glass of water from your sink into a container with the word love on it you will be energizing the entire water supply for your neighborhood. Quantum physics says that once something has been connected and you separate it the electrons in it will continue to communicate with it self no mater what the distance of the separation. This is called Quantum Entaglement, look it up. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”. After you draw the glass of water with the word love on it draw a second glass and muscle it, I think you will be quite surprised. Go next door and draw a glass of water from their sink and muscle test it to prove this is true. Enough people doing this across the world will put the frequency of love into everyone on this planet. I pray this information will help everyone reading it and prompt them to spread this information..

  2. Michael says:

    Ok here’ my dreamflight dream for Aurora on December 8th. I will share all details no matter how strange they may seem because I believe it was my current mind’s way of trying to put together higher dimensional experiences. These also may not be in order I am just going to tell what I remember. Before going to sleep I put some crystals I have under my pillow, along with a rose quarts pendulum and I had a largish amethyst in my left hand. I called on Adrial, Aurora, Bashir, and focused on my spine and Imagined I was in a golden pyramid. Then I went to sleep at some point.

    Dream time has started…
    I remember spending time with my current earth family but it was not anywhere I’ve ever been here on Earth. It could’ve been mars I’m not quite sure but there was lots of lush vegetation around. My grandfather showed up unexpectedly and had 3 or 4 boats waiting for us so we could go on a trip of some sort. He apologized for not letting us know ahead of time but it was all okay. We all got on our boats. they were pretty big and i remember somebody or something maybe it was me, explaining the boat’s specifications and why it worked so well in the water we were in. As the boat starting driving/swimming threw an area that seemed like the Everglades here on Gaia, I saw large fish. I’m not sure if they were swimming along side us or for us to eat but there were fish. When we got to our destination I explored with my one female cousin and we separated from the others, but there was no danger we just had different destinations to explore. I remember going into this store that was made of all wood but it as big and looked modern. My cousin got something and was talking to this Spanish lady I had never met in this lifetime. The lady was interested in me, she asked me what family I am from. I said “caballero” because that is my last name here on Earth, but she had never heard of it from where ever we were in the dreamscape. I then walked around the area for a little and we left. We then went into another store like area where the things in there were more interesting and extravagant. She bought a small, what seemed like wood shelf thing that was rectangular and looked like a mini bookshelf but there was something golden on it. After that we left that store and the rest is a blur. There was another part of my dream where a bunch of people and I had to escape a place or infiltrate a place I don’t quite remember I just remember we had to go somewhere that wasn’t where we currently were (lol). According to our knowledge there were Zeta beings or “greys” which were tan in where ever we were going so we had to disguise as them. I remember we all but on these Zeta costumes and someone explained how the eye lids were not moving like theirs did and I saw a though projection a real grey blinking. I then turned to someone and we started blinking real hard in our Grey suits so we could make the eye part form to our eyes and blink like theirs. It worked although I noticed my eyes were smaller than theirs! Then I don’t know if we were in that place we wanted to be in or not but I remember these beings needed our help. I also remember in this one area we were in there was a sleeping extraterrestrial baby and a variety of crystals. There was this one particular crystal I kept grabbing that gave off a cool sound. It sounded like a “waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” (hard to explain) and kept putting it near the baby because I felt it helped somehow. I remember asking what that crystal did and some explained it to me but I don’t remember now. There was also a Lapis Lazuli crystal there and that all I remember of that part of the dream. Now this new part involved humans, or maybe Pleiadians, Im not sure all i know is that they looked like us Earth humans and I knew them well. There was this one female I went away with. We entered a hot tub sort of thing filled with water. While we were in their we started making out and I was kissing all parts of her. She was clothed and it didn’t seem as sexual as it would be here in this life. It was as if it was normal like just spending time with each other. She might have been my twin flame? Anyway after that there was what seemed like a small amount of conflict with other people.but I sensed no danger even though everything that was happening would be perceived as “not good” here in this life (good ole duality). Eventually the woman and I were under water but the top was glass now so we had to swim to the bottom, boost up, and smash our heads on the glass to get air. It didn’t hurt or cut us, so I don’t know what the heck was going on. I then remember being in the fitness center in my High School. but no body was working out and there was barely any equipment. I remember as I was talking to all these people I felt strongly I knew, one of the girls was on my back the whole time and it felt like i was with family and we were just talking a laughing. That’s all I remember from that part. Now the last part is my favorite and the weirdest. I remember having a mission. I was in this area with other beings. This place had neon blue corridors and some doors. There were also spots in the wall that looked like some beings or things had to be put their to activate something. Anyway I met up with these people. What we were doing felt really important but at the same time felt like a game. (maybe that’s just natural cause being in higher realms is awesome). Anyway my goal was to get some sort of “creation codes” to this area and I remember the words “Creation codes” being spoken off. The first time I tried doing this, I gave to these other people. These codes were not physical things it felt more like tangible knowledge O_O? lol. Anyway the first time it did not work. Then some higher being stepped in. I did not see them but there presence was known. And eventually the codes worked after doing some exploring around the neon blue place were in. After that I remember Earth was reforming or something as we spoke so I don’t know if we were on Mars or Earth because I remember being in my house that I’m in now,having a good time with my family as I watched my 10 year old brother lifting up couches for fun! Again… O_O?. but it was fun the last thing I remember in this dream time is having a thought of Earth being maliable and reforming itself into a better state while all were celebrating about it.

  3. Laura says:

    Hi Michael, I am going to reposting this on the Aurora blog for all to read, here it is:

    I hope you don’t mind if all can benefit from your post, please post feedback on Aurora 2.0 blog in the future for the crew to read if you don’t mind 🙂

  4. Noe says:

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    thanks to web.

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