Holy Protection – Laura

Had the most beautiful awareness of being loved and protected during my sleep last night. Was just awesome!! Mother Mary and her son were shielding me with with pure light of love.
They were joining hands above my bed building this bridge of pure light. I was aware of this as I was awakening at times :) Was just … well.. such a bliss really.
I have been on the ill side for the past week, now I am also getting a flue.. accompanied by various online attacks. all of this during my peak exams time.. I am so grateful I received holy prrotection last night during sleep. I woke up feeling much better and the head ache has now gone!! :)

Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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13 Responses to Holy Protection – Laura

  1. dawnford2011 says:

    Rays of love for you !

  2. Laura says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Helloteke says:

    May you always feel, and be aware of, and conscious of, all the protection that is nonstop available to you!

  4. cheri yvonne says:

    Good for you Laura…take all that protection and you go girl….and good luck on your exams!!!!

  5. Laura says:

    You guys are so cute !! 🙂 THANK YOU !! hugs

  6. Hi Laura, you deserve that exam break, really. Been reading allot of your Here And Now messages since I got back.
    I saw Arcturus Ra’s video from mt Shasta is really amazing. Have you seen it? He says that 900 million souls are currently awakened, and the funny thing is, I wouldn’t be surprised. Have you had any experinces like that?

  7. Laura, how are you this fine december morning? We have entered where we no longer say the 21st of december, but just the 21st. It is something I have waited to say for a long time. Love to you. Hppy new month!!!

    • Laura says:

      Happy new month dear Daniel !! Very good point! 🙂

      • Can you feel the energy, it is beautiful at this time, I think I will channel in a minute because I know the message will be full of it. How is your flu- I hope you are relaxing and not straining yourself to much with studying. Just give yourself time to clear your head. 😉

  8. Hay, I’ve got news for you- visit my latest post, you’ll see why. Not a channel this time hee hee. 🙂

  9. Laura, thank you lots for reblogging, but I would never ask you to read a post by request if that’s why you did it. I meant there is a little message about something else, my new site. Mmm some others are hving problems finding it aswell. The post I mean. The site is at codesofthestars.wordpress.com and is called The Soul Matrix Archives. You are one of the people I have selected for recieving personal messages in the codes, and I will ask you for your opinions on things in the blog if you want to take part. So far there are only a few other candidates, and I am still to inform a couple of them about this. Thnk you again Laura. 🙂

    • Laura says:

      I loved the updates Daniel, was getting same messages all day!! lol glad u posted it.. i had not had time to post mine.. or had not chosen a format about how to present the information.. sometimes, if people have to wait for me.. i will prob. give the info AFTER Ascension !! lol given my schedules..
      Speak tomorrow, tired now 🙂 xo thank you again for update and will read the post u speak of … tomorrow.. i hope 🙂 kind of busy with exams etc.. till.. 20th Dec!! 😦 eeks!

      • Wow, they have great timing!!! Good night Laura. The messages on my new blog will not be very frequent, a couple of times a week at most, so I will hopefully not overwhelm you with them. 😉

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