AuroraDreamflight Experience from 11:11:12 – Laura

Laura: I am sharing here a dream from Aurora blog, it may be useful to others



Hi dear crew,

I had a very disturbing dream, perhaps because i went to sleep at 4 am trying to fix my laptop with a friend. I may have to be off line for a while at some point and buy a new laptop if the problem keeps coming back.

So no panic, if you don’t hear from me in the coming weeks, because it is because of my computer being on its last stretch.

The following dream is very disturbing, so I would recommend not reading it if you are a sensitive person.


I was on a train, with family. It was a super fast train, allowing us to travel from Austria, through Germany, Italy, all the way to Spain. We were all very impressed on board the train: new amazing technology, speed was unreal. We were in Spain in no time at all.

Spain was unreal, blue skies, sunshine, white laguna beaches, tall buildings, glass buildings, speed boats, tanned people, Everybody in Spain was wearing swimming suits, sunglasses, happy people.

The colour of the ocean was carabean blue, with artificially built pools connecting the buildings. In order to go from building to building, one had to travel by speed boat on these laguna pools, of shallow depth. The surrounding ocean water was a deeper and darker Caribbean blue.

I was speaking with my partner, on how beautiful and different Spain was from the rest of the continent. In fact it was as if the train itself was on land, but all around us was only ocean, the pools, speed boats and buildings. The train was like floating on magnet or anti gravity technology.

I was speaking with my aunt Helen, and we were all so happy on board.
When suddenly I noticed this huge tsunami, much much higher than the train, reaching the sky. The tsunami overtakook the train. I imagined for a few seconds that this was also part of the new train demonstration, and that the tsunami would not go onto the train tracks for some reason. The tsunami water color was like the water we have here, dark green, opac, and wrinkled.

Suddenly I realized that something was seriously wrong, as the tsunami covered our entire train compartment and came crashing on top of the train. The sky could no longer be seen, and i could not understand how could the train withstand such a huge pressure and shock.

I could hear people scream on the rear of the train, and as it became clear that the wave would not pass over the train, but water kept building up. I realized that all the beautiful people we had passed must have died, and that the entire country or continent must be under deep water cover. I realized no rescue would come, as Helen was staring at me inviting me to reassure her or to do something to get us all out of there.

I was so terrified, I could only nod at her, waiting for the pressure of the water to burst the windows. I could feel the cold water outside, freezing like the water we have on the British Isles. More than 3 minutes in it kills you. I realized that the floor of the compartment had a grid like mechanism, which seemed to have automatically opened to allow for pressure to be balanced. I was waiting for the cold ocean water to sip through or rush in through the open floor, but nothing like this again took place.

Then I thought to myself that we would have a slow death, freezing once the water would fill up compartments. I imagined that we would all have a slow and painful death, as we would slowly drown and freeze. I had wished for a quick death with water coming in fast through the windows, but once again my predictions did not materialize.

The entire train was silent with fear, yet no water came in at all, we just remained and i think the train slowed down, or stopped completely. I woke up at this stage, being overwhelmed  by the anticipation of death.



1st possibility: It is possible the tiredness and stress, translate as me being totally paralyzed in my life under the pressure of uni exam life and working in dysfunctional teams, with lecturers who do not care in the slightest, and who are entirely ethically and morally unsound. I have the impression of losing control over the events around my life and the technology in my life lets me down: car and computer problems.

2d possibility: I was onboard Aurora, the train, as well as boats or buses, or cars are metaphores for the ships.I had a significant life during the sinking of Atlantis… and i was thinking to myself: no.. not again, not the same death as in Atlantis…. i also received the message that “Spain” was connected to Atlantis, although it was separated for thousands of miles from it, i was told that there were these “trains” linking Spain to Atlantis. Spain was like the Atlantean holiday resort if you like.

I was concerned regarding the destination of the train, as after Spain there was nowhere to go, yet, the train kept going fast and was continuing to go out into the ocean.

I was surprised that the train was unable to go fast than the tsunami, because given the technology onboard, it should have been able to go a lot faster, and we could have escaped the tsunami.

Which brings me to think, that the depth of our subconscious is now opening up, we are entering an area where Humanity will be surprised and will be able to wake up, and see things in depth.

I think the shock of the tsunami was designed, as nobody died, as i had feared in the dream, but people were very aware and awake on board, not panicking…the wave, the going underwater also seems to have been designed in order to bring us on the level of Atlantis.

The theme of technology and force of nature struggling is also reminiscent of Atlantis, and the oceanic theme. So all in all, I think the auroraflightdream is a sign that we are going to meet the Atlantean history, and understand it.

I could not help noticing the relationship between US citizen being left without power and helpless, once again, this will help them awake en mass, I believe from the illusion.



About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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24 Responses to AuroraDreamflight Experience from 11:11:12 – Laura

  1. Laura says:

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

  2. Hi, I never realized you were from. I am too, where exactly do you live, I honestly did not think there were any other channellers here. Although I have an Acrturian as one of my file photos, my last life was as a Pegasian, which I knew for some reason the words Pegasus and Sirius to identify myself sonce I was five and didn’t know what they meant. Interesting dream, how long have you been channelling?

    • Laura says:

      Hi Daniel, edited your comment and me post a bit!! I prefer to keep my location to myself after all!! 🙂 I lived in 3 different countries so far and i am planning to move in a forth one next summer 🙂
      I am only channeling since SaLuSa showed me how to channel him summer 2011. Since I did one small online course on channeling, just to give myself more assurance, in particular in identifying the beings who contacts me 🙂

      • Don’t be afraid to tell people about yourself in even what country you live in. There is no reason for hiding personal details, and it relieves yourself of the ego that way. I should think that your location is not nearly as personal as some of the stuff you’ve previously posted about, and I don’t really think it would matter. I won’t ask if you’d rather keep it a secret, that’s fine, I’m sure you have your reasons. Tell me then, what planets/star systems are you associated with?:-)

      • Laura says:

        Ah! I think I recall Pleiadies, Andromeda, and Sirius also perhaps. Have the most powerful attraction to Pleiadies star system for weird reason… I had a good few incarnations on many different planets, and civilisations, including some of the baddies I am sure.. I guess one agrees to these incarnations in order to further one’s knowledge of the darker energies… and even embodies them in a few lives..
        I had also in contact with non human beings, and as I see it, it matters really little where one comes from on the higher dimensions, as they are genuinely one. They feel, think, and act as one.

  3. helloteke says:

    Hi Laura, don’t be shy to ask for some money if you need a new laptop; I’m sure many people following you would be eager to help out.
    Very interesting dream: A big wave of fear, but nothing happens to you and those close to you. You were all safe. :)))

  4. Tauno says:

    Venice is flooded today

  5. JoLynne says:

    I believe that your message is a combination of the two interpretations!
    Be Well,

  6. Laura says:

    Thank you for feedback dear friends!! 🙂

  7. ohnwentsya says:

    When I read your dream I felt like your interpretations were very good but I also felt a third possibility, or more a third line as in the awen, not instead of but another piece in balance with the other two.

    It felt like the water/tsunami was representing the huge inrush of energies today and at this time overall. and the train was our technology and civilization which in some ways protects us but also keeps us isolated and distant from the real experience of living nature.

    We created it to protect us from the scary like tsunami that can kill, but also on an energetic level can transform as water represents emotion, subconscious etc.

    So I felt like it was speaking (at least to me) of this separation that we cling to as protection so we stay in a sort of stasis, not dead yet not fully alive. Still in our present form not transforming as we know we must. but yet not able to DO anything as we did before in this form.

    I have had several really intense dreams of similar form involving ocean and fear of its power, but when I let go into it I end up transforming into another form either elemental or dolphin or something, and then the power of the ocean becomes part of me rather than something to fear, and I wake up floating a few feet above the floor and not quite all the way living in 3d;-)

    I didn’t *think* of this, I actually felt it while I was reading so it seemed like I should share it-i tend to live way too much in my head so when my heart-brain speaks up it is rather amazing to me! Thank you for always sharing things that touch me and change me Laura!;-)

  8. Fear of ascension, due to experiences in Atlantis. Seems like you’re processing it easily in dream state, so, nothing to worry about 🙂
    I thought the beginning scene was the New Earth.
    Europe was the 2nd highest frequency ‘city’ in Atlantis (Atlantis was the name of the world then). Spain could have been a nice holiday destination, I don’t know.
    Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your laptop. Sounds like it’s doing some processing for you! (pun, yep)

  9. Aww Laura! You may very well have been an Atlantean…and recalling memories. I missed the post about even having a dreamflight for last night. However that may be ..I had a dreamflight even so! =]] My husband and I were readying ourselves to board a ship. It seemed it was an ocean voyage. I was so worried because we were running late to get there and I was sure we “missed the boat”. Once we arrived at the embarkation location..we were relieved. It was in a building that seemed like a dark tunnel dimly lit. The Lady said..”No are right on time!” (according to me..we were an hour late) We boarded the ship..both of us were very happy. =]

  10. ykeus says:

    Here’s my humble interpretation:

    “The tsunami water color was like the water we have here, dark green, opac, and wrinkled.”
    I think you mingled some things. 11-11 was the opening of earths higher hartchakra (Glastonbury tor) and a “tsunami” of incoming light. Green is the heartchakracolor 🙂 I think you where overwhelmed bij the incoming light (being on Aurora, hightech train) and connected it with your Atlantis experience(the connexted pools), only this time nobody died. So you did wel, you absorbed the light and got rid of an , tucked away deep, old fear.


  11. Laura says:

    Oh my!! I was not sure if it was a good idea to share here… now i know it was!! 🙂
    Indeed.. it fell like no traumatic death hapened on the train, we were all nervous.. but i have not seen anybody drawn or anything.. it was like we were in suspended time, observing and waiting in anxiousness.. yet nothing “bad” happened.. besides our doom and gloom expectations!! 🙂 so… all good!! 🙂

  12. You had mentioned previously Laura about the energy of the universe appearing as an ocean of water to the higher dimensions, so perhaps this dream is as others have said, representing energy rather than water. Perhaps there is a fear being presented to you here, that accepting this energy will mean the “death” of your current self. I can tell you I have had this feeling several times, but with each subsequent experience I realize what I lose is only my ignorance of what I thought I didn’t have… and I am being given “more” of myself, and more control, over my own experience.

    For example, if we found that we could breathe underwater, most of us would have a hard time at first accepting this idea… but then realize that the ability to breathe underwater gives us so much more freedom. The process we’re going through now is identical to this. (-_-) ♥

    • Laura says:

      Beautiful dear Dreamwalker!! Love this! wonderfully put and rings so many bells here, I think it’s Christmas early in November!! thank you!! 🙂 xoxox

  13. nadia says:

    I dreamt also many years ago of a big island as sardinia,trasformed in caribbean islands with hot weather and life style,so it is maybe how it will become in future.And also was possible to reach it in2 hours by train from Italy,again future glimpse.My problem at the time of the dream was that the people could walk on water and so I tryed but went down and a loving man came to rescue me…I think the point is that on a point our mind connected to the present situation comes up and starts with bringing up its own limitations…And as we are all one the tsunami drama was still strong,We all doubt sometimes on what we will go to face in spite of all the messages and visions we got,but somehow we know whatever will come we will try our best to face it and after some time,maybe years or centuries,will be over….so at the end time can be really a friend and at that point we are ready for the everpresent now.Much love Laura,and thank you for your beautyful site…!

    • Laura says:

      Love dear Nadia!! thank you 🙂 i am also uncertain if the people were walking on water or just floating as well.. super common dream!! with mine i mean 🙂

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