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ImageThank u so much for patience, love, support and understanding
I have 4 more weeks of class and exams, then 2 more minor exams mid or end December.
Rhythm now is a bit unreal: we are expected to produce 2 to 6 assignments per week, after reading hundreds of pages every week. Just in German so far we had to read 3 books (in German of course!), do weekly marked translations, and read and study economy and politics news in German and comment on it in German! and I have 4 other modules… not to mention all the 4 hours drive per day a few times a week, which is zapping all the remaining of my energy…
I am guided to relax and go within in order to resource my energies.
My treats are shopping, cooking, doing the washing up and Indy play time.
I had 3 hours sleep Thursday night, after finishing one last assignment at 3 am, got up at 6, drove up to university for 2 hours, had all my classes, gave my 5 or 6 assignments, and drove down home for another 2 hours last night.
I feel tense and beat!! lol not exactly in channelling frame of mind given the tiredness and stress.
If I have time to report a few messages from above, I will, but these will have to be very short and sweet.
I will remain with reporting messages for the majority of time from now on, as the messages don’t translate directly from higher dimensions into direct words, in the way that about 85 to 90 % of their content is lost. So it is rather inaccurate in comparison with the entire experience of receiving and connecting with the light from other dimensions, which is a whole uplifting experience in itself, no words are needed.
I was glad to reconnect within today, relax, and inhabit my heart, my body and enjoying having a body.
I also would like to say that the messages I am getting from above are that everybody needs to let go of the internet mind attraction, no matter how pleasurable it seems. We need to come back and bring our attention into our own life, into the people inhabiting our life. I am told that we need to spend time and connect with our family and friends, who need us at this time.
I am also reminded that the body is an anchor for us to connect and ground ourselves, and to anchor love and light into Mother Earth. So please try letting go of the head ongoing grip, and move into the heart space, with the help of our human bodies.
Our bodies have a purpose, they host our heart, and have millions of sensors and captors connected to our heart and to the higher dimensions. Our bodies can be light conduits for us.
Enjoy the fresh wintery air penetrating your lungs, containing the divine Sun’s loving particles, and feeding our subtle bodies.
Remain grounded and make your ordinary life an extraordinary experience!

Laura / Multidimensional Ocean

Laura – Make your Ordinary Life an Extraordinary Experience | Here and Now.

About Laura

I am a starseed, possibly from the Pleiadies or Andromeda. I am on this journey since age 3, so.. for 35 years.. and i am doing spiritual group work for over 15 years also. I enjoy poetry, music, nature, animals, joking, having fun, listening to spirit. I have connected with many star beings, from various worlds, humanoid or not. Connections happen while awake or in dream like state. Shall we expand our consciousness together.
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