Laura – The Show is Starting!

hard to focus on my work.. feels like the entire gates of heaven are opening up for us, all ancient wisdom, ancient knowledge, eternal love, eternal truths, falling of the veil.. we are going through it all now! in the past 48 hours I have had memories flashes of the Cathars, of life in Afica under Annunaki rule, and of Life on Mars.. hard to remain grounded with all of the is going on for all of us!!

We are defo on the Ascending curve friends! It is all unraveling in front of us I believe!  Love and light, and buckle up! hang on to your seat! The show is starting! Curtains are lifting, entertainments and ads are over now! this is gonna be the best 3D show we ever watched! and by the end of it.. we will be in 5D already without us even realizing it!! YEAH! This is what we signed up for! All well, well worth it Lads and Ladies .

ps: As I write this, I can already hear and see with my 3d eye our friends scout ships decloak for us, i can hear their noise, i can feel them, hear them! mind expanding and mind blowing stuff!! There is going to be so much love, joy and happiness flowing and falling from the skies. A show of light beings, of space ships to salute our entry into the new Cycle! Woo Hoo :) .

Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean


About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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