Laura – OK I have seen 2 UFOs … Are we Ready for First Contact as a Civilisation or Not?

Hi everybody! As a few of you know I had a few messages coming in today… I have been hyper to say the least all afternoon, although my head cold is holding me down to Earth.

Here is the 1st message that came in today … from… no particular name, just Galactic ET contact, and it communicated to me something along these lines:

When it is time… Galactics, Mother Earth, or the entire Universe will not be waiting for Pr. Obama to make an official Announcement about Disclosure anymore.

Like birth! When it is time, nothing can stop humans from seeing Galactics  and from Ascending. No need for any official permission for that !

Humans will be so awake in a few weeks, nobody will feel any fear seeing ships decloak!  No fear mongering will work after one point anymore, as Humans will recall our true origins, their true families, therefore no project blue beam or any other dark plans can ever convince anybody, that we don’t belong together, as brothers and sisters of the entire universe.

We are one, humans will all soon awaken to this fact, as humans u will all awaken to your true origins ❤ !!


Ok, I was so buzzed up by those beings energy, that I was feeling as if I was drunk, when I have not had a drink in almost 3 months! I was feeling overjoyed and as if I was plugged into some kind of super and hyper computer, which was downloading me more and more joy, information, love! The feeling was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

However i was beginning to just realize how different it is for me when i “think” that I am ready for First Contact.. and when we will be standing in front of ascended beings of light with super technology etc… our head and heart could go so fast, it could actually almost kill us with over excitement and abundance of joy. I am not joking.. some of us are in for a deep huge shock.. I am wondering is it best perhaps to wait till we are on one level with our Galactics and are on a sure way to ascension or fully ascended, at which time, nobody would be able to hide from us?

So I understand completely after this experience why it is necessary to go slowly, and to wait until the rest of the humans are also ready to accept the truth.

A few hours later, my cat Indy was going mad to go outside, like no other time. I eventually went for a walk outside with her, and I looked up at the starry night. Went out, it is a strangely mild pleasant night, no wind, and warm. I was thinking how pleasant it is to see all those energies being beamed down onto us from the galactic centre. I look up! and I see 2 UFOS! Those 2 beauties flashing lights at me! red, blue, green, yellow, white, orange for one while the other one was lower, just flashing white.

My heart was feeling their love for us all! I was asked if I think the humans are ready for a show… looks like a decloaking perhaps. I sent them all my love and said WE ARE READY now! So many of us are! They were also overwhelmed with joy and a second beam appeared on the 1st ship! Huge flashes of white, expanding, i could feel their love come to me, feels like there is no distance at all between us!
I got my partner to come out and say hi, and he also said this was for real! I could see definitely our friends interacting with us! The more love I sent them, the more lights and bigger their ship become! I could feel them so happy!  The UFOs flashed lights at both of us again, all colours!! and the second beam of light came on again!!
Lads!! This is getting seriously exciting !! :)

My partner is finally taking me seriously now!! Lol and he is a bit… shall we say intimidated! Lol

So.. Please ladies and gents!! PLEASE Confirm whether we are ready for 1st Contact or not! I said we are… Ok.. i think it is a good idea if we send our wishes and love to them, to remove any doubt from their minds that we do love them and do want to meet !!! at long last! I feel as if I am meeting an old romance or something.. if u get what I mean!!

Hugs, love and peace! What a wonderful world and times we live in! Laura


About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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15 Responses to Laura – OK I have seen 2 UFOs … Are we Ready for First Contact as a Civilisation or Not?

  1. markskinney1 says:

    I would say ,with all humility …WELCOME TO” SPACESHIP EARTH”

  2. dineke11 says:

    Yes I am ready, en Yes we are ready

  3. Iet says:

    I like it very much……

  4. I think we are ready, I AM definitley

  5. Suzanne says:

    Yes I am READY!!!!

  6. James says:

    IAM as ready as be to welcome our Galactic brothers and sisters et al…

  7. reshalika says:

    if love is in their hearts too…then welcome aboard,our et friends!! muuaahh!

  8. Ready or not here we go………..UhUhUhUh…….

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  10. Diviesti Gaetano. says:

    Certo che sono pronto, anzi prontissimo, non vedo l’ora che questo momento arriva e di abbracciare i nostri Fratelli e Maestri di Amore e di Luce. Grazie infinite a tutti voi Fratelli e Maestri assieme ai vostri Superiori che vi guidano per questa vostra missione.

  11. Diviesti Gaetano. says:

    Gaetano, dal pianeta terra dice a Voi fratelli sulle Astronavi, si, si, si siamo tantissimi, Vi stiamo apettando da tanto tempo, Vi vogliamo un sacco di beneee…….

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