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Laura – OK I have seen 2 UFOs … Are we Ready for First Contact as a Civilisation or Not?

Hi everybody! As a few of you know I had a few messages coming in today… I have been hyper to say the least all afternoon, although my head cold is holding me down to Earth. Here is the 1st … Continue reading

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Laura – The Show is Starting!

hard to focus on my work.. feels like the entire gates of heaven are opening up for us, all ancient wisdom, ancient knowledge, eternal love, eternal truths, falling of the veil.. we are going through it all now! in the … Continue reading

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Letters from Bashir and Aurora Update 18 Oct. 2012, Message channelled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

Greetings! As promised I return with a new update on the evacuation situation in my own Home world and Galaxy. As you know the Aurora is a Galaxy Class Starship, which means that she can travel across Galaxies, but also … Continue reading

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This is a time for Reunions and Peace – Message from Alajia channelled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean.

(Laura: Alajia is my Higher Self) All is peace and quiet in the heavens. White doves of peace fly above the white, pink and golden clouds. Human souls of all ages, colours, backgrounds come visit us day and night in … Continue reading

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