Laura – Galactic / Human Ascension

Hey lovely light people! wanted to share this amazing revelation that I had the honor of receiving last night just after my contemplative sitting: Our entire Solar System is a living being. This would go along the statement “As above, as below”. We know that human beings are at one and in an awakened state when their chakras are aligned within their own body. Similarly, we are going towards a full alignment of our solar system’s planet around 21 Dec 2012, and also we are aligned with our Galaxy’s heart chakra or galactic center  Meaning, we will be enjoying the enlightenment of our entire solar system, and possibly of our own galaxy!!! wow!! I feel so so lucky to be on our Earth for this unique occasion!
This will be a true blessing of light, joy, and consciousness. I cannot wait!!! 🙂


About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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