Message from Aurora -13 Oct 2012 – Relationships and New Borns on New Earth

Our Dreamflight for this Sat will be focused on past relationships with loved ones, including parents, extended family, and of course your past romantic relationships.

Many of you will work on that area for the coming week either in dreamflights, on the subconscious level, or in their daily life.

As it was put forward in the discussion forum yesterday, this can be same gender relationships. Indeed in the higher realms there aren’t any taboos about love, and about which gender the loved person should be


As many of you already know, in the higher realms, we can take which ever appearance pleases us. Many Galactic species are in fact androgynous by birth, and later on those being might decide if they would like to take a gender for some time. Others remain androgynous for the majority of their life.


Physicality, genders all belong to the duality paradigm, while in reality, everything is fluid, flowing, malleable, and changeable. Very few things are permanently settled, changes present themselves sometimes however. Divine order rules with love, compassion, understanding, patience and divine justice.


Reproduction for other species can be similar to yours, it can also be artificial or semi-artificial, it can involve one being alone, two beings or three beings.

Some beings are being born having divine consciousness a birth, depending on their parents’ level of consciousness. It is always possible to conceive for beings of the same gender also, all that is required is a good knowledge of genetics or a powerful knowledge of love and creation once in the higher realms.


There are many souls waiting to be incarnated on Earth. Over the coming months and years, many light filled babies will be born after the 21st Dec. 2012. These newborns will considerably contribute to increasing the light level on your planet, as well as contribute to Mother Earth’s Ascension.


Many potential parents have been waiting for the famous date to come in order to create new life on Earth. The births will become increasingly easy and joyous for the mothers. The fathers will become more and more involved with their children, more understanding, and will want to spend much more time with them.


The relationships and power balance between man and woman will be restored, the power struggles will slowly dissipate, as your understanding and love will increase. The understanding of love, marriage will also be transformed over time, to make room for relationships based on unconditional love. There will be no secrets, no judgement, no jealousy in time.


Many however will rejoin their twin flame, and will decide to experience fully their new ascended status as one. This is enough to keep you satisfied on all levels, for all times. You will finally taste true love, joy, oneness with another, There will be much to explore as you will begin to discover many aspects of yourself you had not suspected before, such as telepathy, telekinesis, bi-location, remote viewing, astral travel, merger at cellular level, working at atomic and sub atomic level, time travel, space travel, and many other experiences for which duality has no words invented for just yet.


There is much to look forward to for all of humanity. A time of much joy and celebration is upon you.


We send you much love, joy and happiness.

Aurora channeled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean

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About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few years. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. I have been contacted by SaLuSa from Sirius with ArchAngel Michael (also known as Ashtar on Earth) while living on an isolated farm. Archangel Michael appeared as a blue flash of light a few times while I was watching videos about UFOs. Then he appeared to me with SaLuSa. Their presence was like the Sunlight in my home. There was also an entire fleet in the field behind the farm, camouflaged as clouds. Their presence is always telepathic, but also sometimes they send me images of themselves, or I can simply hear them with my 3rd eye or intuition. They saved my life at least once, and I had 3 small crafts above my house after an accident at the house, of which they warned me about during a channeling, and they guided me about how to resolve the situation and warned me about the outcome and the reason of the accident... I was also contacted by another group of Galactic Family: one Arcturian being, one Andromedean, and a beautiful lady green reptoid from Sirius B. I had asked to make Contact and they have responded to my call during my sleep. They communicated with my telepathically, while I was in a state of lucid awareness. The green lady was with me for about one week, even at work and in my car at times. These were all absolutely magical experiences. Over my life, I spoke to our Star Brothers and Sisters a few times from their spaceship and once one of their spaceshifting spaceships wanted to land on my lawn, but I had to insist that they didn't and explained that the neighbours would'nt understand. They agreed and shapeshifted into a flying leave and went up into space, after having taken a positing of about 5 meters in front of my window, and I could even see the silhouette of the being at the window. I do meditations and consultations on demand. Please feel free to contact me on Laura

2 thoughts on “Message from Aurora -13 Oct 2012 – Relationships and New Borns on New Earth

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  2. Love this page …you don’t seize to amaze me …..thank you for all you do Laura… looking forward to tonight… and blessings to you XOXO ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

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