SaLuSa on the Starseed Family Reunion – 26 Sep. 2012




Dear friends, we are so glad to watch your daily growth. Your light is bringing much joy to our hearts. The universe is rejoicing at the thought of your upcoming Ascension. Many of you have many concerns, doubts and questions about Ascension. Dear ones, many of you have undergone this process before, and others have been fully briefed on this major event during your life planning. Deep within yourself lies all the knowledge that you need about this event. We wish to remind you that this will be a most joyous event.


At the present time your inner cleansing process is still taking place. This is an on-going process and we trust that the final result will please you greatly. We send you our continuous love and support. Many of you come visit us during your sleep, and others are also coming on board while you are awake, some even come on board consciously while awake, alone or with others as groups. This is a process of the higher dimensions of course. We hope that soon we will welcome you on board our more material crafts, this will be possible for all to do, as soon as we will be allowed decloaking and when trusting relationships between our species will be the norm.


This time is not that far ahead dear ones, and we look forward to when you will be able to join us in the higher dimensions. For now, we can mainly materialise for relatively short periods of time. Once Mother Earth will have passed into the permanent 5D realm, and you along with her, our reunion will be a wonderful rejoicing. We are very aware of the longing you have to be reunited with your loved ones, and of course this is a feeling we share greatly.


For the time being, all we can offer you are experiences with us during dreamtime and of course you can all communicate with us during meditation and through opening your heart and expanding your consciousness. The more spiritual work you engage in, the easier it will be to connect with us. We also hope that this process will bring you much joy, balance and peace of mind. It will also help Mother Earth during her Ascension, and of course you will be of great help to your loved ones and your family.


Always be assured that we support peace, love, harmony and balance on your planet dear ones. Many of you have been present on Atlantis. Many of you bear a sense of fear and guilt concerning these days. There is no need for carrying any guilt about these dark days, as these were the times your planet had to go through due to the cycle of time. You are returning to the light and will soon join your galactic brothers and sisters once again.


Over the coming days we would like to ask you to remain grounded as much as possible. We are also asking you to think of the moment of reunion with your star families. In a very short time, we will begin making contact more and more with you during your dreams, and during meditation. This can be a shocking process for some of you. This is why balance is necessary. We know you think you are ready for the re-joining, however this is a process which requires small steps and patience.


Shortly after that, you will become so familiar with us that you will feel our presence during your waking state. After this final stage, we will make contact with those of you who are prepared for this event of meeting. This will go on over a period of months, we anticipate about 6 month from now for many of you, if all remains in the present state. It is difficult to make definite predications, as changes are constantly occurring. The timelines are mixing and there is also much interference by the cabal concerning timelines. Indeed their ability to time travel has created many various timelines. Regardless of their efforts to stop your Ascension and to confuse you, their chances of success are practically nil. So fear not dear ones. Creator has wondrous plans for Mother Earth and nobody can stand in front of our common Creator.


During our linking and bridging of worlds in the coming months, your telepathic abilities will greatly increase. You will be able to receive our communiques yourself, and there will no longer be any need for discussion various channels. There will be no need for further controversy, as you will be able to receive our thoughts loud and clear. At the present time, our channels are provided with special etheric devices mainly for our communications. However, in a matter of months all our starseed will be reactivated and will have a permanent link with us.


This will seem like a slow process, however, we ask you to remain calm and patient, as anything else would only contribute to slowing down the reunion process.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I look forward to working directly with many of you in the coming months. We encourage you in the meantime to develop your spiritual work and clear your body from any negativity.


Thank you, SaLuSa.

Channel: Multidimensional Ocean/ Laura


About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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  1. luisa amanda says:

    me gusta

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