Aurora Mission Update for Sept. 15, 2012 – Middle East, Israel and online communities

Laura: I am going to relay my own understanding of the message I am receiving from Adrial here. I am going to mainly relate the message, rather than channelling it in the future for now, because I feel that words are not doing justice to our Ascended Masters, because I receive much more than words during a mind to mind connection. There are many things which do not transfer in the written word, and it gives a much incomplete message, far from the perfection and bliss which I experience when I channel. I consider it not being fair to only give words, when these beings relay a lot from the feeling realm to me when I channel, which is impossible to put into words. I would recommend direct contact with Adrial and the other beings part of this mission.

Please ask first that only being of the God level of consciousness to communicate with you, and to come near you. In order to ensure of this, ask for divine protection from God, and your protectors, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel. Then focus your thoughts and energies on the Being you wish to contact. You must resonate with loving and compassionate energy in order to feel their presence awake or in dreamflight.

There is a lot happening in the Middle East, as the cabal are putting in overtime in order to further rise antagonism in that area. Much effort, many plans are at play there. Israel once again is in the heat of action. The Galactics have no intention of blaming or criticising any nation in particular, nor any world leader in particular. They are only asking us to focus our time and energy, during our dreamflight in the Jerusalem area. They ask us to also send our focus and love to the Middle East area in general. There is much going on with the Mossad and in the Knesset. We are asked to send equally love and light to both sides of the dispute. We are not asked to decide who is right and who is wrong in the continuous dispute in that area.


We are reminded that many foreign “investors” are behind the belligerent attitudes on both sides of the conflict. I am told that the Israelites, and Iranians have now lost perspective on the entire matter, and many of them no longer know when did the bloody war begin? And most importantly, who had started it so many years ago.


I am also told that the energies of dispute, and war is spreading to the rest of the Arab world, as they see themselves being dragged into this perpetual dispute. Once again, with Lybia and Koweit, it has been made clear to us that other interests and foreign influences are at stake behind all the conflicts in that areas.


I am given a special word of caution regarding religions, and Muslim faith being manipulated in order to continue a war on the religious front also. In turn the Christian Church feels obliged to respond and create more conflict and dispersion.


I am told that our real God is within ourselves, it is equal and loving all of us. God cannot manifest when there is war and violence, topped up with hate and discrimination. So please allow for others to pursue their faith freely without prejudice or judgement. They are simply following what their path is, and what they have been taught to worship since their childhood. People’s religion and convictions need to be respected, and it brings many happy memories to them, which they feel defensive about when attacked on this topic. Our God loves all religions and respects us all, regardless of where on the planet we come from, regardless of our religious belief, or gender.


We are asked also to deepen our spiritual search, as it is not enough for us to have a virtual online life, as some of us find ourselves being dragged in continuous online disputes and wars. We are asked to accept others point of view and differences. If we no longer feel we belong to one group, or feel discomfort when interacting with certain online people, we are encouraged to just leave discussions, and cut off ties with a painful situation and move on. This just shows that our level has out grown that of the group of individual we interacted with before, and that we must let go of them, in order to find new connections vibrating more with our own truths.


We need to focus within at this time, clear our tensions as much as possible. The tensions are contributing in cutting us off from our Higher Being and from our Higher Role. We are asked to find our own spiritual path, where we feel at ease, and which will help us integrate our Higher Self in our human bodies, in order to help bring light and the highest loving vibrations upon the planet in a time of great need.


I am also told that contrary to what many people are lead to believe, the end times is a time where unrest, conflict and darkness are at their highest peak, not fading away progressively. The dark forces are making a last run at controlling our planet, and continuing the perpetual enslavement over the Humans and Mother Earth. They have many hidden treasures here, and precious cargo, which they are not willing to give up yet. So I am told that their plans are to intensify their attempts to keep us under their control and to match the light incoming waves, with equal or even superior dark energy, wars, fear and pain.


This is the time where much unrest, much disinformation, many hidden projects, and many lies are used to keep us in our state of servant to the dark lords of the cabal. We can help by bringing light and love vibrations on the planet. By this they mean integration of our Higher Bodies and Higher Self into our daily life. This is our mission of research and compassion towards Mother Earth.


I am reminded that when our attention is focused online, we remain in our heads. The online world is not real, it is a virtual world, designed also to control our mind and thoughts, even in disguise of love/ light messages or love/light communities sometimes. There can be a subtle agenda even in online communities and group, bent towards conformism, and non-acceptance of ideas or opinions of those who question things on a deeper level. There is a lot of hidden control, under the pretend of “knowing best” what the answer is. This may or may not be true, it all depends on the place one’s answers are coming from and one’s motivations. I am also given a warning and advised to keep our eyes on our ego, on questioning all and everything, including our own motivations.


I am also given a word of caution concerning the political arena. I am asked to remain detached from it, and to observe it if we are interested, but not to engage in a dividing contest in that area. I am told that as long as we have politicians, it just means that the New World Order is still in control of Mother Earth. Once the planet will ascend, there will no longer be such a thing as politics. Observe politics as a relic of the old paradigm, see yourself as a historical witness, nothing more. Real power lies not in politics as the cabal would have us think. We are invited to ask ourselves WHERE DOES OUR REAL POWER LIES, and we are given a warning against any ready made answer popping up in our head under the disguise of “knowing best”. We need to take this question deeper, and into our meditations.


Thank you for your precious time, with love and gratitude.


Message from Adrial to Multidimernsional Ocean/ Laura

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About multidimensionalocean

I have always known that I am a starseed, however I only consider myself as a lightworker for the past few months. The idea had never occurred to me before that I could somehow contribute to the Golden Age. We are going to ascend with Lady Gaia. We will be free for all eternity. The Light will be lasting for all eternity. The Golden Age is coming at a rapid pace, be ready! Multidimensional Ocean
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  1. bellissimo grazie Adrial grazie grazie a tutti un bacio

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