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SaLuSa on the Starseed Family Reunion – 26 Sep. 2012

    Dear friends, we are so glad to watch your daily growth. Your light is bringing much joy to our hearts. The universe is rejoicing at the thought of your upcoming Ascension. Many of you have many concerns, doubts … Continue reading

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♥ Aurora Mission Update and Meditation for 22d Sept. 2012 ♥

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Laura’s Twin Flame on How to Make a Twin Flame Connection- 23 Sep. 2012

Laura: I was wondering if you would speak about how can we, in 3D, connect with our twin flame? Is it in our reach? And are there any ways of helping manifest our Twin Flame in our life, if only … Continue reading

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Messages Of Light Sananda And SaLuSa To Laura And Her Higher Self 18 09 12

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Aurora Mission Update for Sept. 15, 2012 – Middle East, Israel and online communities

Laura: I am going to relay my own understanding of the message I am receiving from Adrial here. I am going to mainly relate the message, rather than channelling it in the future for now, because I feel that words … Continue reading

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Important and Urgent Message from Adrial for the ground Crew and the Earth Crew – 7 Sept 2012 (Japanese Translation Included)

I will be with you this evening (for Laura 8pm GMT) during the Rove. It is a wonderful idea to come and join us. There is much movement on the ocean floor, as I am sure you have noticed. Much … Continue reading

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My Twin Flame on Ascension

QUESTION #1 Will there be an Earth Split ? ANSWER 1- Everybody on Mother Earth will ascend provided critical mass is made. This is the delay we know now.. waiting for critical mass to be achieved. No split as such, … Continue reading

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